How many students attend Innovation High?
Each year we enroll 100 ninth graders. At full capacity we will have 400 students.

How do students enroll?
Interested students and families need to meet with their school guidance office. The guidance staff goes through their district's process for filling their allotted slots and enrolling students (this is done differently at each district). See more on our Enrollment page .

How many slots are available in my district?
See our Enrollment page for a breakdown of slots by district.

Who can enroll?
We enroll incoming 9th and 10th grade students from across Kent ISD. Students come from local districts, charter schools and home school students. The student application/acceptance process was developed so that the student population represents the socioeconomic and ethnic composition of our region.

What kinds of students can enroll?
We accept all kinds of students, from gifted and talented to special education students. Regardless of grade point, all students have the potential to be successful using our unique method of teaching and learning. 

Can a student enroll after 9th grade?
Each year there may be a few spots available for older students. These slots open up if students move out of the district or return to their sending school. Please contact KIH for additional information.

When is enrollment open?
Enrollment is open in the spring of each year. See our Enrollment page for more information.


Are students at Kent Innovation High all day?
Students spend the first two-thirds of their day at KIH. Classes start at 6:55 a.m. and end at 11:30 a.m. Students return to their homeschool for lunch and up to two electives. Some students choose to remain on campus and take classes at either KCTC or MySchool@Kent.

Which classes do students take?

Schedules are arranged based on a student's need. Typically the schedule is as follows:


  • World History
  • English 9
  • Biology
  • Algebra I


  • American History
  • English 10
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry


  • Civics - first semester
  • Economics - second semester
  • English 11
  • Physics
  • Algebra II


  • College Algebra (prerequisites)
  • College English (prerequisites)
  • English 12
  • Advanced Functions/Personal Finance

Select seniors have the opportunity to take college courses at KIH taught by GRCC professors. Select students have the potential to walk away with up to 14 college credits. Seniors will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world-of-work. Some of our seniors may position themselves to earn a Project Management Certificate through a pilot program we have with the West Michigan Chapter of Project Management Institute. 

Where is the school located?
The school is located at 1655 East Beltline NE, parking lot 3.

Is transportation provided?
Yes, bussing is provided. Students ride the busses used to transport students to and from Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC). If a district does not run a KCTC bus on a particular day (half day, snow day, etc.) students are not expected to attend Innovation High that day. Contact your district's transportation department for details on bus times.


  • Byron Center (616) 878-6496
  • Caledonia Community (616) 891-0224
  • Cedar Springs (616) 696-1450
  • Comstock Park (616) 254-5050
  • East Grand Rapids (616) 235-3535
  • Forest Hills (616) 493-8785
  • Godfrey Lee (616) 241-1140
  • Godwin Heights (616) 530-7545
  • Grand Rapids (616) 819-3000
  • Grandville (616) 254-6534
  • Kelloggsville Public (616) 532-1574
  • Kenowa Hills (616) 453-4757
  • Kent City (616) 678-7641
  • Kentwood Public (616) 698-7007
  • Lowell (616) 987-2540
  • Northview (616) 361-3480
  • Rockford (616) 863-6328
  • Sparta (616) 887-0136
  • Thornapple Kellogg (269) 795-5540
  • Wyoming (616) 530-7545


Can students participate in extra-curricular activities?
Students are able to participate in extra-curricular activities at their sending high school.

Grading and Testing

Do students get report cards?
At the end of each semester, letter grades are provided to each student's home district who then sends a single report card with grades from the home high school and Innovation High. If a student's home high school operates on Trimesters, they may report first semester grades at the end of their second trimester and second semester grades at the end of the third trimester.

Do students participate in state/standardized testing?
State tests are given at the home district.

When students graduate, are their diplomas from Kent Innovation High?
No, students receive diplomas from their sending high school. Students remain a student of their homeschool. They may participate in all home school activities including sports, prom, homecoming, etc., etc.

What happens if a student enrolls in Kent Innovation High, but it turns out it is not a good fit?
Students are encouraged to finish the school year at Kent Innovation High. However, students may be able to return to their home high school and adopt a full time schedule at the discretion of their district. 

How is discipline handled?
If a discipline issue arises, Kent Innovation High will contact the home district and follow our school's policies and procedures. Our students are accountable in both of their school settings. We honor suspensions given out by the home district and will inform the district if a student receives a suspension from Kent Innovation high.