Mrs. Kristin Mooney

Kristin Mooney

616 363-8047

Hello! My name is Kristin Mooney, and I am positively delighted to be your physics facilitator. This will be my fourth year of teaching and first at KIH. In my previous years of teaching, I have taught a wide-array of different courses from Creative Writing to Grammar 101 to Forensic Science. Many years ago when I decided I wanted to become a teacher, I chose it for the selfish reason that it looked like fun. Years later, I am still in it but for the even more selfish reason that students are awesome and make my job not only fun but also meaningful. As a teacher, I feel the least I can do is my best to make learning exciting and relevant, which is why I was especially excited to begin my year at KIH. I look forward to seeing my students learn circuits by designing and building model-sized homes and better understand forces by researching their relationship to injuries and then reporting their findings to an audience of their choosing. That’s what ideal learning looks like to me.


On a more personal note, I am married to a smart, ruggedly good-looking individual. He and I enjoy mopeding in our spare time and will often be seen roaring through the streets of Lowell together. We also enjoy playing tennis, table tennis, video games, running at slow to mild speeds, and making lame jokes. We are fervent Detroit Lions fans and loving parents of two dogs, Foxy and Copper. When I am not with my better half, I also enjoy playing piano and ukulele and reading.