Meet Our Innovators/Leaders

At Kent Innovation High teaching and learning happen in a completely different way than traditional schools. It's so different that we don't have teachers. We have facilitators who work together in teams, much like how our students work together. Our facilitators very seldom provide a traditional lecture and instead act as coaches and mentors. They work with students to help them complete projects that address real life problems. They deliver "just-in-time" learning - what students need, when they need it based on the demands of each project. 

All of our facilitators are certified teachers and their experience ranges from those at the very beginning of their careers to those with a decade or more of teaching under their belts.  

Check out their personal pages and get to know each of them a little better.


Julia Bierema  - Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Senior Experience

Jeff Bush  - Principal

Andrew Clausen - Counselor

Caitlyn Dittel - English 10 & English 12

Rachel Haddad  - English 11                                                                                                   

Kim Hamilton  - Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Todd Hendricks - Algebra II

Michal Huizenga - Algebra I & Geometry

Danee Lucas  - American Studies

Phil Matthews - Economics & Civics

Dave Meyer - Teacher Consultant

Laine Monks - Teacher Consultant

Kristin Mooney - Physics

Daniel Ozinga - Chemistry and Gone Boarding

Brenda Perry  - Biology 

Dwain Reynolds - World History

Natalie Tomlin - English 9