ECON & Civics/ELA

ELA 11 is an integrated course connecting advanced foundations of English Language Arts with relevant, real world learning in civics (semester 1) and economics (semester 2). The course will implement project based learning and will be formatted to prepare students for college and career readiness with an emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. ELA 11 functions largely around the idea of argument and explanation: what is argument, how can argument be used effectively, what purpose does argument serve, and how do we identify information, make meaning of it, and transfer this information to another context. Texts for the course are derived from literature, poetry, news articles, nonfiction, short stories, film, plays, etc. Day-to-day assignments will have an emphasis on written and oral mediums. Other formative and summative tasks include research papers, presentations, creative writings, and verbal analysis. As community partnership is inherent to the project based learning approach at KIH, ELA 11 will seek to engage at least one community partnership per project, with 1-3 projects occurring each semester.

Facilitators are:

Phil Matthews and Rachel Haddad

Course Agenda
Course Syllabus