For Parents

Thank you parents for your support and for entrusting us with your children over these past 12 years!

How We're Organized

Kent Innovation High is focused on new methods of education to increase student engagement, learning with real-world connections, a collaborative and supportive school environment, and developing career and college readiness. Kent Innovation High uses project-based learning in every class. This means that students are learn their content through work on a project. This approach leads to increased levels of collaboration and a focus on many of the skills that students will need in the future: communication, critical and creative thinking, an ability to research and process information, and a greater sense of resilience and a “can-do” spirit. If you visit Kent Innovation High you will see this skill set in the way students communicate with visitors and can describe their learning through the projects they have done. Our students are proud of their progress and proud of the “family-like” feel at Kent Innovation High.

School Day/Transportation:

Kent Innovation High coordinates with the local school districts to offer transportation at the beginning and start of the school day. Students can ride the bus from their local high school and do not have to arrange their own transportation. Kent Innovation High has four hours in the school day:

  • 1st Hour: 6:55-8:00
  • 2nd Hour: 8:05-9:10
  • 3rd Hour: 9:15-10:20
  • 4th Hour: 10:25-11:30

To complete elective credit, Kent Innovation High students can choose from their local school district, Kent Career Technical Center programs, online-hybrid classes with MySchool@Kent, and early middle college credit classes through Launch U.

KIH & Home High School

Kent Innovation High is focused on the four core content areas: English, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Kent Innovation High students can participate in extracurricular activities, take elective classes, and earn their diploma with their local school district. In effect, Kent Innovation High students can join the KIH school community while maintaining their connection to their local school district.

Preparing Students for the Future

You will often hear that many of the jobs today’s students will make their careers in don’t even exist yet. Technology and the world are changing quickly and today’s students must develop flexible skills to be able to innovate and keep pace with rapid change. Business, industry, and academic universities have communicated that what they need are workers with an ability to collaborate, communicate effectively, listen deeply, empathize with others, and develop the resilience to reflect and change effectively. Project-based learning was developed to address these needs. 

Research by the Buck Institute for Education, the Newtech Network, and High Tech High has found that students who are exposed to project-based learning have higher rates of college retention than students who are not exposed to project-based learning.  In addition, we have seen project-based learning make a significant difference for students who have ability but have struggled with school in the past. The collaborative learning, hands-on doing, and real-world focus of project-based learning can make a difference for your student. Contact us if you’d like to learn more. We believe Kent Innovation High can help your student become a better student.