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How do I enroll at Kent Innovation High?

If you’d like to learn more or to enroll, please contact Kim Hamilton in the main office. Mrs. Hamilton can schedule a parent tour while school is in or out of session. Mrs. Hamilton can also schedule a student shadow visit for prospective students to visit during the school day. Once you know you’d like to enroll at Kent Innovation High, the official enrollment process begins with your school counselor at your high school or middle school. Your local school counselor will begin enrollment with the online enrollment system. If you have any questions about this process, Mrs. Hamilton can take any questions about enrolling at Kent Innovation High.

What happens with snow days at Kent Innovation High?

Students enrolled at Kent Innovation High follow the snow day policies of their home school. If a student’s home school is called off for snow, that student does not need to attend Kent Innovation High. KIH will also call a snow day after a majority of local school districts have called a snow day.

What happens if the local school district is off?

For the most part, the calendar at Kent Innovation High is aligned with the calendars at local school districts. However, if a student’s home school is not is session, that students is not required to attend Kent Innovation High.

How does lunch work?

Many students eat lunch when they arrive back at their local school district. However, some students find it more convenient to eat lunch on the Kent ISD campus before traveling to their local high school. Kent Innovation High is on the same campus as Kent Career Technical Center and students have access to the food prepared by students in the KCTC culinary arts program.

Does Kent Innovation High offer free and reduced lunch?

Yes. All student programs on the campus of Kent ISD acknowledge students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

What does transportation look like?

Every public school district in Kent County offers transportation from the students’ local high school to the campus of Kent ISD. Students arrive on campus in the morning and are able to take a bus to return to their local high school after 11:30. In addition, many schools also offer transportation in the afternoon, allowing students involved in KCTC programs to also have transportation.

How can I visit the school?

Interested students can call Kim Hamilton, KIH administrative assistant, at 616-363-8010. Mrs. Hamilton can schedule a tour of the school so you can see Kent Innovation High for yourself.

Does Kent Innovation High have standardized testing?

Every student at Kent Innovation High participates in the state required standardized testing. However, KIH does not host the standardized testing. Students take state testing at their home schools.

What are the graduation requirements for Kent Innovation High?

Students at Kent Innovation High receive their diploma from their local school district. Because of this, it is the job of KIH to help each student meet their graduation requirements in their local school districts. KIH focuses on the core classes. We offer English Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies.

Does Kent Innovation High offer prom and graduation?

Students at Kent Innovation High are able to participate in the prom and graduation ceremonies at their home schools. 

What other programs are on the campus of Kent ISD?

While KIH encourages students to fulfill their elective classes at the students’ home schools, many students at Kent Innovation High also participate in the other programs on the Kent ISD campus. KIH students are able to take career and technical education classes with Kent Career Tech Center, online classes with My School @ Kent, and early middle college courses for high school and college credit through Launch U.

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is the way students master their material in every class at Innovation High. Students work through multiple projects during the year and develop key workplace skills, like problem-solving and critical thinking.

Students working in group with shared screen
Engage Students Students work through multiple projects during the year and develop key workplace skills, like problem-solving and critical thinking.
Student working one on one with facilitator
Personalize Learning Students research, ask and answer questions and then demonstrate what they've learned in presentations to business and community members.
Students working on a group project
Student Collaboration Students work together in teams to create real projects and solve real problems