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We’re a high school experience like no other. Students from across Kent County come to KIH to experience project-based learning and address real-world problems. With guidance and participation from community partners, students plan, execute, and evaluate their solutions to actual challenges for West Michigan businesses and organizations.  Students share their academic day with KIH and their home high schools, attending KIH for core subjects like English, Social Studies, Math and Science and taking electives at their home high schools. They can also be part of their home high school sports teams, drama events and other activities. This combination of learning experiences gives them the best of both worlds.

Mirabella working at white board
Mirabella Witte, from GRPS' Union High School "When talking to my friends, I describe KIH as home. KIH is a place where I feel my opinions are valued and my voice is heard. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for this school and its community."

Kent Innovation High is a grade 9 – 12 experience where a community of passionate learners solve problems in innovative ways.  By working in teams on projects, every participant expands their knowledge with practical results.

Kent Innovation High inspires students to think, collaborate, communicate, and create in a culture of trust, respect and responsibility.  The KIH student experience is purposeful. Students learn more than academics. KIH was designed so students learn the skills to be successful in career and college after high school graduation.


KIH leads by being a community of passionate learners innovatively solving problems of today and the future.


KIH solves today’s and tomorrow’s problems by inspiring the community to think, collaborate, communicate, and create in a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility.


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