Welcome to Kent Innovation High

Creating an Incubator of Innovation for Students & Educators

Kent ISD and our Superintendents have opened an exciting New Tech High School, Kent Innovation High, that is very different from traditional high schools. With a focus on project-based learning and collaboration with both students and teachers, Kent Innovation High  demonstrates some of the best thinking in the country about teaching and learning. Success for all students is a driving goal of this "lab" school, which serves as a learning laboratory for teachers and administrators who want to innovate back in their own schools.

From the glass walls and integrated presence of technology, to the ongoing teamwork of students and just-in-time facilitated learning, the physical and cultural environment is designed to:

  •    Personalized learning for all students
  •    Increase the relevance of academics to foster student engagement
  •    Cultivate the student voice so students "own" their education

Based on a national model out of Napa, California called The New Tech Network , this school serves as an incubator of innovation for all our schools. Students from all of our districts attend and their educators come to learn and innovate.

Applications for student enrollment? Please contact your district's high school guidance counseling office.

PLEASE NOTE:  Prior to applying, applicants are required to have visited Kent Innovation High for a tour.

For more information, call Tracy Olson at 616.363.8010.