Trevor Muir

Mr. Trevor Muir

Global Studies / ELA

Trevor Muir is from Port Charlotte, Florida. Trevor graduated with a degree in English and history from Florida State University- GO NOLES! He married his wife a month after graduating, and moved to Michigan a week after that.  After exploring the business world for a couple years, Trevor learned his true passion is in teaching. He loved helping students discover their greatness, and find no greater joy than watching students realize this for the first time. This is why Trevor loves his position at KIH. Students have the opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways. Students do projects that do not just get thrown in the trash when they are turned in, but instead are used to affect our society and change people's lives.  From helping students to create documentaries for World War II veterans, to watching high schoolers give their time and effort to incoming refugees, Trevor believes he has the greatest job in the world!