Tracy Olson

Mrs. Tracy Olson

Affectionately known as “Momma O,” Tracy is the Program Coordinator for Kent Innovation High. She is married to Jim and has two crazy, awesome children, Calvin and Hannah. However, she also likes to say she has "hundreds of children" because she considers KIH students as her own.

Tracy has been in education for 17 years. She has worked in several local administrative school offices before coming to Kent ISD. Here she wears many official and unofficial hats: nurse, counselor, second-mom, secretary, and liaison to local districts.

KIH is a lab school and demonstration site. Tracy arranges all tours and professional development opportunities for interested educators, in and out of Kent County.

Finally, Tracy enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, a blistering hot Tim Horton’s double
double (coffee), poutine, Hershey and Cadbury milk chocolates, and a juicy, greasy Five Guys meal. She is a Star Wars fan! Her favorite characters are R2D2 and stormtroopers.

May the force be with you!