Nate Langel


Though originally from rural Iowa, Grand Rapids has been home to Nate Langel and his wife, Susan, for the the past few years. He graduated from Cornerstone University where he studied science education, came to know some great people, and played a ton of racquetball and ultimate frisbee.

Nate’s personal interests and activities include, but are in no way limited to: riding/fixing bicycles, any pick-up sport game, watching geeky science YouTubes, collecting Peanuts comics, cooking (although his wife is much better), playing drum set and djembe, Legos, amateur astronomy, reading and pondering theoretical physics, spending time with our church family, the philosophy, theology, and fiction of C.S. Lewis, perusing and editing Wikipedia articles, tree identification, neuroscience and learning theory, gardening, and local music, food, and events.

Nate thoroughly enjoys learning about the world its people, and is consistently excited to share this passion with students exploring science at Kent Innovation.