Erin Berner (1)

Mrs. Erin Berner


After earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Grand Valley State University, Erin married her husband and enjoyed spending time at home raising their four busy children.  After her youngest child started kindergarten, Erin decided to pursue a career in education, enabling her to combine her passion for Biology with her love for children.   Erin was proud be one of nine students selected as a Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellow, partnering with some of the finest faculty in the field of education during an intensive professional development Masters program at Grand Valley State University.  

Erin truly enjoys sharing her passion for the dynamic field of Biology with her students at KIH.  When she is not at KIH, Erin appreciates spending time as a hockey-basketball-theatre-mom, drinking a Starbucks grande quad soy latte, enjoying the local food scene, shopping, reading and traveling.